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Looks like a great app, if it does not shut down instantly

This looked like a great app that should work. But every time I try to use it, it shuts down instantly once the app is open. So I don't know if I should pay for an app if it doesn't even work due to it instantly quitting on its own during a trial app period.

Works great!

Unlike the other review I have had no problems with this app. It works great and and if perfect for what I need it for

Nice looking APP...too bad it doesn't work

And I mean it doesn't work at all. I've been cruising through the app store looking for grocery list app for several hours....even check out speed sheets so I could get the price of the items in there. This looked ideal, and since it was brand new I didnt mind it not having any reviews....but sadly it just doesn't work. They should test it more before they launch it.

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